RACCOONS LAB is leading a network of Fab Labs in Lithuanian Schools

and is focused on creation and adaptation of new learning content

for formal education/curriculum which includes STE(A)M,

hands-on&project based learning, design thinking together with programming,

digital fabrication, robotics and development of 21st-century skills.

RACCOONS LAB stays up to two weeks in one school teaching and prototyping with students and teachers. RACCOONS LAB has also a mini pop-up/mobile fab-lab project and is making small invasions into schools and their environment. A basic set of digital fabrication tools and equipment like a desktop laser cutter, CNC, 3D printer, plotter, and electronics lab is brought to different and remote schools, setting up a temporary mini fab lab in their class spaces.

Opensource software is mainly used for educational activities.

Usually, the first week of the visit is dedicated to giving an introduction to students and teachers where they learn how to design and use digital fabrication equipment by making offered introduction classes and workshops and the second week is dedicated to individual projects and prototypes which are made by different teams or single students/teachers.

At the end of RACCOONS LAB visit, an open for everyone to participate - School Maker Faire event is organized where projects made during a course of two weeks and other projects/makes are presented.

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