Invisible Cities is an interdisciplinary educational project implemented with teachers and students from 5 Art schools in towns of Alytus, Telšiai, Rietavas, Šiauliai, and Ukmergė.

The project included week-long educational activities in every school with a mini FabLab equipment and building of a desktop size installation as a co-created final Project.

The different themes for schools had been chosen using the fragments of the “Invisible Cities” book by Italian writer Italo Calvino:

“Invisible Cities” concludes of short narratives on imaginary and surreal cities that were used as an inspirational description for physical projects with students and teachers.

Participants were designing sketches of their interpretation and learning how to use Inkscape, Blender software for fabricating the physical implementation with the machines and making their objects for the chosen part of the city. 

Disassembling scrap electronic devices, reusing of the electronic components and other parts had been included into the process together with basic programming and soldering. Projects that had motion were programmed together with the illumination of the objects using the micro:bit boards and block editor.

At the end of the Project in every School, individual or team projects/installations were merged in to one city and presented to the audience as a final collective installation.

"Invisible Cities" exhibition with all the cities from different Art schools were brought together and presented at the Vilnius Mini Maker Faire event, May 25-26th, 2018.

Project had been funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture Grant program.

Invisible Cities in Art Schools:

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