In 2017 in collaboration with the City municipality of Vilnius a pilot Project of a scalable model for installing mini or School FabLabs in Lithuanian schools had been launched.

RACCOONS LAB (M-LAB) instructors team helped to start mini FabLab spaces with a set of digital fabrication equipment and tools in the following Vilnius schools:

⇢ Žemynos progymnasium
⇢ Adomo Mickevičiaus gymnasium
⇢ Vilnius Lyceum
⇢ Balsiai progymnasium
⇢ J. Basanavičiaus progymnasium

The Project included:

⇢ Selecting the Schools through the application, review and meetings process;
⇢ Advising and consulting selected Schools for setting up and installing Lab spaces;
⇢ Consulting on purchasing machines and tools, starting package of electronic components, materials;
⇢ Installing and Training how to use machine software, maintain and operate the machines;
⇢ Teaching how to use opensource 3D and CAM/CAD design programs,
     basic programming of microcontrollers and other tools
⇢ Training to use the Google Drive environment for Lab/Students projects;
⇢ Introducing to basic educational workshops content within FabLab environment;
⇢ Consulting and supporting the School FabLabs and their teams after the launch.

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