Small fablab makerspace in Vilnius

About us


We are leading Fab Lab entity in Lithuania, that cooperates with local schools and is focused on creation and adaptation of new learning content for formal education/curriculum which includes STE(A)M, hands-on & project based learning, design thinking together with programming, digital fabrication, robotics and development of 21st-century skills.


We offer well-equipped workspace with a basic set of digital fabrication tools and equipment like a desktop laser cutter, CNC, 3D printer, plotter, and electronics lab. Comfortable for 3-5 residents. Also have a small kitchen with small fridge and coffee machine.

Custom Projects

Our team is open to any collaboration proposals in the technology, art and creative industries. We have 10 years of experience in custom manufacturing, including escape room equipment, product prototyping for Kickstarter campaigns, and even Burning Man installations. Contact us and get a personal quote.

Tools & Equipment

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