The Project had been implemented as a mobile or pop-up FabLab in partnership with Alytus Art school and 4 other local Schools.

The proposed activities with students and teachers were focused on experimenting and prototyping with recycled materials and components, combined with introducing of programming and prototyping with 2D/3D opensource software, digital fabrication machines and electronics lab.

During the course of one week the following activities were implemented with different groups of students:

  • ‣ Disassembling devices for reusable components - motors, stepper motors recovered from used electronic devices e.g. printers, CD/DVD players etc.
  • ‣ Introduction and workshops for designing with 3D printing, plottering and laser-cutting;
  • ‣ Basic programming with micro:bit and soldering;
  • ‣ Individual projects with students of different ages - vibrobots and kinetic installations;
  • ‣ Presenting the results during the Alytus Art School Maker Faire event.