The Project had been implemented as a mobile or pop-up FabLab in Vilnius VGTU Engineering lyceum and Kaunas KTU Engineering lyceum.

The activities with students and teachers were focused on experimenting and prototyping with recycled materials, components, combined with introducing of programming and prototyping with 2D/3D opensource software, digital fabrication machines and electronics lab.

During the course of two weeks in every School the following activities were implemented:

‣ Introduction and workshops for 3D printing, plottering, CNC milling and laser-cutting ‣ Disassembling devices for components - motors, stepper motors recovered from used electronic devices e.g. printers, CD/DVD players etc. ‣ Basic programming and soldering ‣ Designing and prototyping of individual and group projects ‣ Presenting the results during the School Maker Faire event.